Caleb L. Stern


1201 Belvoir Lane   
Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Objective:    Role in a production



Stage Acting
“Anonymous” (lead)         B I N G O                     Old Dominion University
Creon                             Antigone                      Norfolk Christian High School
Dr. Varlins and Monkey    One-Act Play Festival     Regent University
Mr. Elton                         Jane Austin’s “Emma”    Norfolk Christian High School
Bill                                 Cheaper by the Dozen   Norfolk Christian High School
Teen-age Charlie             Flowers for Algernon     Norfolk Christian High School

Musical Theatre
Matt                                The Fantastics              Norfolk Christian High School
Drummer Boy                  A Colonial Christmas    Regent University
Henrii                              The Boy Friend             The Hurrah Players
Principal Dancer               Oliver!                         The Virginia Musical Theatre

The Madrigal Singers          Old Dominion University
Windsong                          Norfolk Christian High School
All-District Chorus              Virginia District II

Principal Dancer    Fundraising Concert                Norfolk Christian High School
Ensemble              Ballet, Tap, and Jazz Recital    Academie de Ballet
Rapha                   Hadassah, Story of Esther       Masterworks

Film Acting

Ken                      Value                                     Regent University

Student                 Construction on Campus         Old Dominion University
Cool Boy               Proverb #1                            Regent University
Ryan                     180 Degrees                          Regent University