Cinema and Television:

                                       Caleb L. Stern

                                     1201 Belvoir Lane
                                Virginia Beach, VA 23464


Objective:    Film or Television Related Position

Education:   Master of Fine Arts in Cinema/Television Directing   
                    Regent University School of Communication and the Arts
                    3.85 GPA (Expected 2011)

                    Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering      
                    Old Dominion University Honors College & College of Engineering
                    3.33 GPA (Awarded 2008)
Computer Skills:    Microsoft Office, Windows Movie Maker, C++,                                                       Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro,

                               Adobe After Effects, Adobe Encore

Representative Experience:


     Prairie Grass Film Challenge (Dordt College)

             -  Chosen to be a judge for the film festival

             -  Reviewed and scored each film


     Virginia International Tattoo Video Production (VA Arts Festival)
             -  Researched and compiled appropriate images

             -  Animated the organization's logo

             -  Staged and shot interviews
             -  Aided in video production for the Norfolk Scope arena


     Piece of Cake Endowed Film (Regent University)

             -  Chosen to be the director

             -  Worked with the actors

             -  Established the look and the feel of the film with the DP


     Spiritual Gifts Webcast (CBN)

             -  Served as one of the directors on the show

             -  Operated camera for the show

             -  Work with a team to prep and set the equipment

     The Founders Inn Promotional Video (Expedia)
             -  Shot video segments
             -  Photographed scenery

     Singin’ in the Rain Motion Picture Segment (Regent University)
             -  Shot sequences as a camera operator
             -  Worked as a grip and as a first and second A.C.

     The Unlikely Apprentice Endowed Film (Regent University)
             -  Chosen to be the camera operator
             -  Operated the SI-2K camera

     Chili Bowl Promotional Video (Regent University)
             -  Served as director and director of photography
             -  Operated camera on the multi-cam shoot
             -  Advised editor

     Maglev Project Documentary (Old Dominion University)
             -  Wrote the script and production plan
             -  Served as the director and director of photography
             -  Advised editor

     D.R. Medical Mission Trip Promotional Video (Galilee Church)
             -  Shot video sequences
             -  Edited audio and video


Activities / Interests:     Surfing
                                        Volunteering with homeless

References:           Jay Black, Film/TV Instructor
                              Douglas Miller, Film/TV Professional in Residence
                              (Other references available upon request)